American Independence Movement

AIM for - Stability - Empathy - Understanding - Strength

AIM is not about aggression but defense of our ideals and the constitution. AIM is about changing what needs to be changed to help and serve all good people of this area. This area is Northeast NC & Southern VA.

AIM is a proactive community organization who want to listen to the voices of all good people, and help exact change for the voices who have reason, empathy, logic and compromise inside them. We want change for all hardworking Americans.

AIM is also an independent movement designed to support and defend its community against anti-America groups. AIM supports the police, community and citizens who want a better America through action and understanding and not just words. AIM loves America and respects and defends the constitution.

AIM needs leaders of all diversity to represent themselves and AIM, and to help bring the left and the right in to the middle where logic and understanding truly exists. If you are interested in training for defense, community outreach or as a buffer against social bullying please reach out!

AIM is now on Youtube & Rumble

More video events & shows coming!

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